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Day 2 : Kindness, Reverence and Perseverance in this journey

March 7, 2012

We are taught to be brave- to face the adversities head on

We aspire to be super humans

Yet are we ignore showering kindness to our humanness

Humanness that what feels fear of rejection, of failure,

That shies away from success for fear of our inadequacies

How can we be super humans if we cannot love our humanness

Sometime we are so caught up in perfecting ourselves that we forget to see our beauty in as is.

I have embarked on this exiting journey of “the Next” in my life

Letting go is hard and full of excitement and then of some hurt – yet the journey is that of perseverance

Can I detach and make through this journey with dignity and grace

Can I believe that this journey is for a reason

Can I be kind to my own humanness

Can I keep the focus on abundance of future when faced with fear of passing of the present

So here I am Day 2  on my journey of next

Haven’t yet sunk in

But it will

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