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Zentastic on the Move

July 31, 2015

DSC_0826There is something so grounding about hearing your breath as you focus on singular purpose – One foot in front of another.

I am a meditator, albeit not in the conventional sense (if there is truly one)

I do not sit and meditate. I meditate when I am on the move, at times when I am in midst of chaos – in a meeting at work, in midst of my child’s tantrum but mostly during the favorite time of my day. The end of the day Run!

Some wake up happy and energized. I do not belong to that group. For the most part, I hate human kind and every other kind that exists until first two cups of caffeine have been ingested. End of the day however, I am a perky night owl.

Kids tucked in, kitchen wrapped up, hubby ready to unwind with his glass of wine and TV show, I put on my running shoes, reflector jacket and hit the pavement. Running in the evening is a zentastic practice for me. It allows me to:

  • Get Centered: The powerful energy of Breath. Deep calming ones that take the energy all the way to the naval and out of the nostrils. Yes it can be done when one is running. Just center yourself. Take a deep inhale all the way to your naval and out of your nose. Repeat again. Slowly you will find your rhythm that is in harmony with your pace.
  • Reflect on the day: It allows me to reflect upon the goings of the day. If I am particularly connected, I might even come across a different and a disconnected perspective on that one annoying event of the day
  • Contemplate: Observe thoughts that come and go. See them passing. Observe what you feel. If one thought holds you tight. Stay with it (all the while breathing and seeing your one foot placed in front of another). Breathe and bring your attention back to that thought again.
  • Release: Breathe and visualize letting that thought go. Gently. If you are able to repeat the cycle of contemplate and release until you feel that elusive silence. Blessed are the moments enjoy the sound of silence within
  • Recharge: by being present in the moment. Hear the sound of your foot hitting the pavement, (maybe your joints, your muscles as your run), the sounds around you and your breath. There is immense energy in the calm of being in the present

I recommend this practice to all who are looking for ways to find solitude, focus and connect in their day. You don’t have to run. You can walk, power walk, cycle or swim. Much to grief of my trainer, I even squeeze in (yes, I hear her — with my eyes open!!) few seconds of centeredness when squatting or doing that blasted leg press J

The breath energy is yours to tap into whenever and wherever you are in your day.

Have a zentastic one!

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