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Mirror Mirror – Who am I judging?

August 30, 2015


Often, our opinions are absolute. Right and Wrong are markedly segregated. We find ourselves surrounded by instigators of mental and verbal churn. People or situations continually invoke a response, an opinion within. Even before dress up that opinion with words (silent or out loud) to that opinion, we feel it within. it can be a warmth felt in our heart for joy, elation or a gut wrenching feeling of disapproval or anger.

I cannot help but ponder – When we judge, who are are we really judging? Where does that judgement stem from? Why did we come across the circumstance that instigated the judgement?

Our judgement is a physical manifestation of a deep-seated  and an unresolved resistance within us. 

I recently heard a phrase “recycled ignorance”. It made me pause. Yes, we all harbor (even the wisest ones amongst us) within us vast ignorance. And knowingly, unknowingly and at times begrudgingly (as social creatures of habit) we recycle our ignorance, again and again.

In an un-connected state, we are slaves to our addiction to continually recycle our ignorance. When instigated (i.e. interacting with a circumstance) we feel the uneasiness, the uprising of an opinion and an incessant need to label it, to declare it. to react to it and to stand by it.

We nourish the judgement with our mental chatter, our thoughts, our dialogue and our actions/reactions.

What if we committed ourselves to watching the judgement emerge, observing it, but not feeding it? What if we embraced the idea that every experience that invokes that strong felt resistance is a welcomed opportunity to create new experiences that will dissolve that fixed opinion – within US.

So when we are upset and in disagreement with someone/a circumstance — it is less about them but a WHOLE LOT about us.

For absolute truth does lie at the core of every occurrence. It is our journey to see it in varying shades of perspectives.

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One Comment
  1. Before giving my views about your highest literary views,I would like to comment on your use of some highly intelligent dialects as”we find ourselves surrounded by instigators of mental and verbalCHURN”or a gut wrenching feeling of disapproval or anger”there are others too,but just to touch the subject.
    I liked the squeezing thought of yours”——welcomed opportunity to creat new experiences that will DISSOLVE that fixed OPINION with in us.
    And what a concluding line,it is above all.
    How should I appreciate you,my dear,pita JI,s grand daughter! God bless you!bless you and bless you !
    I am really proud of you .keep on writing.

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