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Why need the spotlight when one has such radiance within

October 22, 2015

Such wisdom from Oh so Young

Immerse and Emerge

My son’s latest creation “Immerse and Emerge” took my breath away this morning. The haunting and transparent eyes are so captivating, they speak to you. They invite you to Immerse in their hope and Emerge radiant with life energy.

In my moment of parenthood pride, I wanted to share with all. I wanted him to submit the work for school magazine. And then he, in his grounded presence, looked at me and said “Mom one does not need to be in the lime light when one is comfortable in their space”.

My hopeful (and self absorbed) flight came to a screeching halt. I was dumbfounded.

True: Why need the SpotLight when one has such Radiance within.

It is my “parental love and pride” for him or my own hidden narcissistic grandiosity. For when fully grounded in abundance and inner radiance, we rarely need external validation.

Life brings about umpteen moments of awareness if we surrender ourselves to receive.

So here’s a humble thanks to my lil one for giving me an opportunity to climb down from my “parent pedestal” and bask in the abundant radiance that exists.

Yes – no spotlight needed here –

For your inner light immerses this moment with truth and emerges as radiance that outshines all. 

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