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Serendipitous – I think not!

February 22, 2016

At times our our silent intentions surface as chance encounters. Ones that clear up the mirk and turn your attention to what is hidden deep inside dark, fearful, abandoned alleys of your psyche.

Today I met two such angels who nudged me just enough to see the what was hiding behind the  complacency and contentment.

Serendipitous – I think not ! For we attract from the universe what we need most. And it brought me these two warm, gregarious and gracious angels.

Sometimes the inspiration we seek from outside lies beneath tangled ties within.


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  1. Babal permalink


  2. Babal permalink


  3. Happy to find that how deep you go when standing on the threshold of your psyche. How correct you seem to us when you make any statement. I bow to God for all this and pray that you should soar higher and higher in this field . love u ,bhua

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