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The Tug between the Cs

February 24, 2016

10650016_10152770028657267_395337614576036435_nThe dark abandoned galley ways of our psyche are fascinating places to wander into. At times we find answers to questions we have been mulling over and sometimes we uncover the mirk that makes us pause even further.

When attempting to practice stillness within the constant flow of life, at times, we wonder if we are being Content or Complacent.

Each seem to somewhat co-exist alongside the other and we ebb and flow out of them throughout our journey. I do not believe in grandiosity of one over another for Shadow is just another form of existence as the Light. The key differential is which way does our inner light shine on to.

When we are operating out of  space of faith in the universe, in our being, we can take on any action (pursuit of a goal) or an in action (resisting the urge to pursue more) with contentment.  When we pursue a misguided action (a compromise) or an inaction (not choosing to pursue and action) we are operating from a place of cynicism, fear of failure and judgement. We are being complacent. As such,  both states of Contentment and Complacency can equally guide us to an action or an inaction.

Contentment can often be misjudged as Complacency when we practice stillness. Our potential for growth is beyond the single dimensional measure of worldly achievements. Our true potential is immeasurable and can support multi faceted pursuits.

However key to all pursuits is stillness – wholesome and complete surrender to the present moment.

So, when in midst of the tugs of two Cs – Take a pause and commit to the present moment with pure intent.  As my wise fellow yogini says ” When Soul consciousness is active, stillness speaks. Stillness speaks and honors the motion of life. Soul can create good fortune by sharing love and pure intent”

Here’s to creating a loving reminder to trust the flow of universe!


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