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I am searching

November 9, 2016

I am not angry

I am not disappointed

There is an emptiness I feel

A numb emptiness that engulfs me within

This choice was not about him

This choice was not about what he would do for us

This choice was about who we are, in our hearts, in our soul

And I naively believed past the musk of negative rhetoric

We have more goodness, more integrity

That past the hurt we might have experienced

There still is the unshakable belief in respect, liberty and freedom

But I was wrong.

For we overwhelmingly chose hate over love

Chose divide against unity

Chose anger over acceptance

I am still

I search within

How do I hold my head high

How do I keep my heart and my arms open

How do I look forward with hope and trust

I am not angry

I am still

I am searching


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One Comment
  1. Amandeep Chowdhary permalink

    This is the best way to find the way, be still !!
    Love it !!

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