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I too am

June 8, 2018

I too am a daughter who learnt that her daddy wanted to die. He fought hard through the deep dark blues just as I have fought myself.

I too am a mom who works so hard, some days, to keep it together and have a happy and a strong front for whom I love.

I too am a friend who hides those blues in a deep dark closet painted on the outside with cheerful mural, too embarrassed to show it all.

I too am that coworker – competent and passionate, bringing her whole to her commitments, even on days when it is too big a burden to carry.

But I am also that strong woman who is not afraid to speak up against this stigma. And lend a hand, a reach out to those who grapple with these blues.

#MentalIllness is real, its tangible and deserves same openness and advocacy as any other physical illness. It is a rising epidemic in our society and amongst our youth.

Stand up to this stigma. Educate yourself. Help create resources for those in need. And fight for those who struggle with it… even if it is a fight for one.




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One Comment
  1. emrasmith permalink

    Beautiful! We are here to serve one another. Share, grow and uplift each other. Yes!

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