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What if ?!?

February 18, 2019

This illusion of separation

From the divine

This aspiration to become worthy

Of his grace

This burden of our imperfect selves

Carrying the burden of karmic cycles

It couldn’t be !

What if we already are

What we aspire to become

What if we are HIM in our existence

What if the journey is not to become worthy of divine love but to be the glorious divinity we are

What if all of this illusion of separation of unworthiness is a sham to be broken through

What if that path of lonely belief is to be treaded alone

What if the answer is to break away from the known paradigm of HIM and follow the unknown but unshakable hunch

Ah cruds this bidness of awakening !! It was to bring clarity and peace.. eh?

What if instead it breaks everything apart in chaos and shambles

From → b-Lotus

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  1. Babal Juneja permalink

    Your this poetry is clear reflection of your head,you are a blessed soul,celeberate life in your own unique way,as you are unique,a very blessed soul.its a treat to read your poetry and writings. Love you always. Mom

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