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December 27, 2019
As it bades good bye , the year 2019.. I sit in silence reminiscing all that it brought
Un learnings
And the Unveilings.
And the Growth.
It is said, when you embrace your truth, you step into the portal of your soul
Your story, your history, your victories and your mistakes all are in divine order for they are all opportunities to step in to your destiny. When and how you choose to step in, is your free will- it is your journey.
At the threshold of new decade, I stand cracked open and  raw, baring my all.
Grieving what I am leaving behind
And trusting the path ahead, the voice within.
I surrender to be birthed anew
Anew into Hope,
Into purpose
Into trust, love and faith
Forgiving self and them
I shed the grudges and the judges and the doubting
Filled with His Love and light, I surrender to faith in His Grace

From → b-Lotus

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  1. Babal Juneja permalink

    Very nice

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