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I see you

September 1, 2020


I see you
I do

I see the dichotomy you lived
To be strong, independent, smart
Yet not too much
For being subservient is sanskaari ( cultured)

To be vocal, articulate, righteous
Yet not too much
For being tolerant is samajhdaar (wise)

To put on a strong, happy front
While being broken
For being silent is sehensheel ( tolerant)

I see you love
I do

I see the pain you disregarded
Under the disguise of self growth
Under the burden of Karma

I see you sunshine
I do

I practiced disregard of your inner voice
As it was the weakness that must be overcome

The practiced dimming of your shine
As you must not outshine others

The practiced acceptance-of as-is
As you must comply with fears that were not even yours

I also see you my love
As you detach yourself from The suffering
This contrast

For All as brought you to Now
So you can choose the vibration of
The love within
The light within

I see you love
I do
All if you
And you are luminous

  • Shaill

From → b-Lotus

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