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She soared

September 21, 2020

Inspired by art work of Priya Kapoor

Title : She soared

From under the voiceless cloak
Of burdens
Of expectations
Of fear

She peeked
And heard the humm of her soul

You my love are gloriously whole
Gloriously whole in your brokenness

You my love have waited long
Waited long to sing out aloud
Your song

And now
Its time

Its time to
Let go
To pull apart
To fall apart
And come together anew
Anew in your essence

She simmered in the knowing
Of it all
She gathered her broken wings
Feather by feather
She summoned
Those that watched over her silently

And then
She Rose

She rose From the ashes of her as -is
And soared
To the possibilities of what would be

She soared
Singing the song of her soul
Becoming all she would be
Never looking back

She soared

From → b-Lotus

One Comment
  1. Babal Juneja permalink

    Very well expressed,stay blessed,may your dreams coy trueMom

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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