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October 24, 2022

Allowing Abundance

Is such a tantric dance

Of attracting and letting go

Of manifesting and releasing

Of discerning and taking a leap of faith

Seeing abundance

In experiences, in joy, in giving, in receiving

Accumulating wealth

of abundant friendships, of possessions, of experiences that make me come alive

Brought me to face to face with my deepest resistance of letting go

Of shedding what does not align

Of releasing what does not calibrate any more

It brought me to the awareness that the biggest hurdle to me stepping into my abundant power

Was My Own Fear


The juxtaposition of my contradictions

The abysmal depths of my Compassion and fierceness of the Kali in Me

The child like joy I emanate and the brooding introversivness I fiercely protect

The vanity I lovingly stroke and detached yogini that dances in my soul

Allowing abundance

Is making it abundantly clear

That the unbecoming invites the abundance of Being

#DearBrownGirl coming soon !



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