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Fuck fuck fuckety fuck

October 24, 2022

Oh I wanted to Matter

To be purposeful

To be ambitious

To be relevant

I wanted to Effectuate change

In others 😊

Oh The grandiose plans

I allocated to my purpose of work, of living , of meaning of my existence

In motherhood

In career

In my seva


So self serving, so aggrandizing and so childishly naive

Oh I wanted to be in love

I have been in love

I have chased love

I have been consumed by love

And I have grown out of love

Only to come down to


I just want to be LOVE

Fuck fuck fuckety Fuck !

I have chased and strived and hustled to Become

Only to come back home To the crux of purpose of becoming

Its to be alive – not living

To be present

To be courageously authentically present

In every moment

For it was never about the WHAT I did but HOW i lived

So my purpose of work, is to show up with curiosity and wonder

From → b-Lotus

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