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Highest expression of myself

October 24, 2022

Disruptor . Innovator. Change agent

Being the highest expression of myself – What does it look like

I am a juxtaposition of an abyss of empathy and a ferocious fire of justice

I am fearless , limitless in my expressions

I love with abandon

I protect my loves like Kali

I chase my wildest desires with gusto of a relentless tsunami

I fail, I fail often and I always learn

I fall and I rise again and again

I own all of me

My luminescent light

My consuming shadows

I own all of my space

I marvel in it

I don’t ask

I step in

I am on a relentless pursuit of not just having lived

But being alive

Seeing the edges of my limits and then expanding them beyond

I am constantly disrupting as-is

To create the possibilities of anew

I am changing , I am unbecoming and I am becoming all at once

All in service to my Being

The highest expression of myself – what does it look like?

It looks like YOU – your unbridled, unlimited, unabashedly luminant being

Come – Let’s Be


#dearBrownGirl coming soon

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