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I asked the universe

October 24, 2022

I asked the universe

OK I am ready

I’m ready to step in to my power to be my light and to love my shadows.

I thought it was a courageous , glorious declaration… haha ! and maybe it was.

I heard back – OK love !! and are you ready to do the work then?

I asked oh what would that be ? because aren’t I already everything I want to be?

It answered yes you are ! And you have to become what you are! You asked to come home – so walk the path, love!

Loudly and proudly ask for what you want to manifest but responsibility to co- create is yours.

Loudly and proudly asked to step in to the vibration of your highest good. But the discipline of letting go all that is not aligned is yours.

Loudly and proudly claim the joy, the pure love, the unbridled wonder every moment is. But the responsibility to be in the moment, to embrace it with a wonder and curiosity, not preconditioned expectations, is yours

oh I get it 🤦‍♀️- I chose to come back home to me but the responsibility to walk the path is mine.

Haha – shit ! cannot hide behind deflection of let the grace drop in my lap !

Gotta to do the work- carpola 🤷‍♀️



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