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Latching on, so very hard

December 13, 2016

To our expectations

Why so?

What do we fear of?

What is that anger and that resentment really towards?

Our expectations are  our inner resistance and fear of as -is

A fear and a judgement that we feed with inner chatter –  consistently

We put the burden of expectations of change on others so that

We can misplace the true responsibility of  self-assurance

For if we are not complete on our own, how can we be complete with others

Let us, detangle, Be free and let others Be Free

We are each on a journey to live our unique truths, embrace our darkness and accept ourselves as a whole.


Let Go

Live More

Be Free

From → b-Lotus

  1. Beautiful…. love it !!!

  2. Babal Juneja permalink

    Very well said,love u beta,stay blessed,u r my strength,my companion Love u

    Sent from my iPhone


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