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An ode to free fall

April 12, 2022

Those guttural moans bathed in pleasure
Singing to your throbbing heart
Luring you with my willingness into your sacredness
I ask of you
To love in abandon
To invite me into your allness
To allow me to give you my fears, my shame
In exchange of basking in the scent of us
In exchange of meeting you where no-one ever has

My sacred essence and your prowess …. They tangle
They tangle dancing to our lust, pulsating to our cravings
I crave you invading my warmth
Take me to my edges and then tipping over to oblivion

Those guttural moans
Giving an ode to our pleasure
They remind me of our cosmic dance
I welcome your love in my divine.

From → b-Lotus

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  1. Babal Juneja permalink

    Very beautiful expressed

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